The real victim here

I've made no secret of the fact that I didn't vote for Boris. 

But I feel strongly that at this time of national crisis we should give credit where it's due. 

So I say we should 100% back our Prime Minister in his unimaginably difficult job of protecting Boris Johnson. 

The People's Government's lamentable failure—or perhaps even zealous refusal—to prepare for this pandemic in the first couple of months of the year, while they were all focused on “sorting out the judges” and finding ways to punish all but the richest immigrants, is going to start showing real results in the next couple of weeks. 

Even his supporters who fell for the “funny bloke in the pub” routine are beginning to notice that healthcare workers on the front line are still dangerously ill-equipped (ironically, something the Tories always used to accuse the Labour government of doing to British troops).

To make matters worse, Boris has been self-isolating for several days. This has been particularly difficult for him, as the opportunities for him to get to know young female researchers and party workers are already limited by the crisis. 

And, worryingly for Boris, if his party ultimately decides that he alone has to carry the can for their slow and inadequate crisis response, there's finally an obvious candidate for succession who neither gives people the shivers nor makes them retch: Rishi Sunak, a man who journalists of every stripe have already labelled “the next Prime Minister” for speaking well, smiling and announcing he's giving everyone money, without reflecting for a second on how they'll feel about him the day he speaks well, smiles and announces that he's taking it all back. 

So right now Boris is facing the possibility that having stumbled into the job he had always wanted—not because he'd be any good at it, partly because power is its own reward, but mainly because finally his father might mutter something akin to “well done”—he will be remembered as an inadequate oaf who discovered that no amount of earnest brow-furrowing or flag-waving compensates for idly costing lives. 

An operation has already started, both in the media and on social media, to protect his reputation and prolong his time in office, and we will see this ramp up in the next couple of weeks as the virus spreads. This will involve heaving as much blame as possible on to both the British public and sinister foreigners. We should each of us be prepared to accept our share of Boris's blame and, as he fights to protect his legacy, I hope we will all hold him in our thoughts. 

#SaveBoris #ClapForBoris #WeMustAllGetBehindThePrimeMinisterAtThisDifficultTime #ProtectTheDauphin


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