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Ah Zabenya

One of last year's de facto political highlights—partly because it was amusing and partly just because it didn't involve gerrymandering, demonising any particular social group or outright lying—was the attempt by the mild-mannered Lords education minister, Lord Hill, to resign his post:
Lord Hill, an Education Minister, remains in his post after apparently trying unsuccessfully to resign from the Government during the reshuffle two weeks ago. The Prime Minister is said to have been distracted and failed to catch what Lord Hill was saying to him when they met in Mr Cameron's Commons office at the end of what had been a long day of blood-letting. Warned he was late for a photocall, the Prime Minister left the room telling the minister to “carry on the good work”, leaving him with little choice but to remain in office. [Telegraph]
Happily, Lord Strathclyde's surprise announcement yesterday that he is quitting his post as Leader of the House of Lords—it has been reported that the noble Lord has grown weary of the occasional displays of conscience among the Liberal Democrats—means that there is suddenly an acceptable opening for Lord Hill to leap into. Whether trying to ensure the effective functioning of a divided House will prove more restful than helming unpopular education bills through it is something that he will shortly find out.


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