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It's a measure of what the Mail group has done to journalism that it's worthy of remark and jubilation when the Mail on Sunday retracts a story that was so obviously untruthful and skewed. This is the first entry in the paper's brand new “Corrections and Clarifications” column, raising the tantalising possibility that it was only the absence of anywhere to print the requisite apologies that the paper has not “clarified” its many previous deliberate errors on asylum seekers, benefit claimants, the disabled, climate change, etc etc.
Last Sunday we said some 3,200 families of children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder were believed to have been given cars under the Motability scheme. In fact that total is the combined figure for two categories of recipients of the Higher Mobility component of the Disability Living Allowance and includes other behavioural disorders. Recipients choose whether or not to spend their allowance on a Motability car; generally about 30 per cent do so. Also, we described the qualification for the Lower Mobility component, rather than the Higher Mobility component required to claim a car, for which individuals must be declared virtually unable to walk. [Daily Mail]

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