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Pensions made simple

Baroness Drake [Lab]: I would not want the situation to be like the water in a balloon, where you think you have dealt with it moving one way but you have just created a consequence in another. [Hansard]

Lord German [Lib Dem]: It is rather like walking along a road with your colleagues and seeing the horizon in the distance, and, as you walk along, the horizon moves further from you, but the people who are walking along the pathway with you, who may be slightly older or slightly younger, see the horizon moving away at a different rate. [Tokes heavily on spliff the size of an aubergine.] [Hansard]

Lord German: We have had already an example of an acceleration bubble from the noble Baroness, Lady Drake, with the snaky-type balloon, which we used to have and twisted into shapes, with an air bubble in it. This bubble will pass out and therefore be seen as part of the normal process. A very discrete group of people would be involved. This is like a bubble with a bulge. [Coughs heavily, stares intensely at back of own hand for four hours.] [Hansard]

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