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Nov. 29th, 2010

From the defence debate on 12 November:

Lord Gilbert: I once described [the Airbus] rather vulgarly as a Euro-wanking make-work project and I do not resile from that. I hope that this time Hansard will leave that in and not take it out. It was in the next day’s version but Hansard funked it and took it out of the Bound Volume. I hope that this is all on the record. [Hansard]
But no! It’s still there in its unexpurgated glory both in the Bound Volume and online:

Lord Gilbert: Then I turned a few pages back to that marvellous Euro-wanking make-work project called the A400M. [Hansard]
I’m in no position to comment on noble Lords’ ability to navigate complex websites or, you know, books, but I can safely say that if someone cheerfully drops a profanity into their speech, Lords Hansard will not unilaterally remove it. As I have banged on about at length before, they don’t do that. Quite apart from anything, time and energy will have been spent determining a house style for “Euro-wanking”. Hyphen or no hyphen? Capital E? Posterity is watching; it’s important to get this stuff right.

The only unfortunate consequence here is that once again the media will have got hold of the wrong end of a familiar and particularly shitty stick: that the parliamentary record is changed arbitrarily at the whim of anyone who wishes it. I can’t say this often enough: it just isn’t.


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Nov. 29th, 2010 11:32 am (UTC)

As a make-work project of my own, I'm now inspired to change http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Euro-wanking from red to blue.

Of course, I'd have to argue that Hansard is [[WP:RS]] with another of those suburban mall-brats.

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