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For anyone not already availing themselves of the astute current affairs commentaries by Konnolsky, (a) why not? and (b) why not? They are initially posted as lengthy responses to online newspaper articles but tend to get speedily deleted, as they usually utterly overshadow what has gone before. However, they also appear at Konnolsky's own Disqus profile:
For protestors advice simple. First, get scale of violence right. If demonstration peaceful but with some breakages, political classes will ignore reason for protest and condemn violence (while secretly laughing). Violence level must be zero or revolutionary, nothing in between. Second, get target right. Why Tory HQ? They not break promise. They just Tories. Besides, top Tories out of country. What is point of trying to sway Baroness Warsi? For political dialogue, person need actual cerebral cortex. But attacking Lib Dems not make sense either. Nick Clegg so expert in convincing himself cuts are fair, benefit restrictions liberal and reactionary measures progressive, he would interpret students pelting him with eggs as endorsement. So like Bolsheviks who storm Winter Palace in 1917, target real seat of power. Where would modern Guy Fawkes attack? Somewhere just East of Millbank, building of historical significance, where all big decisions taken. So next time make sure march route go through Wapping.


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Nov. 11th, 2010 02:23 pm (UTC)
Wow. Thanks for that. I have it now at konnolsky.....
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