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Jul. 22nd, 2010

While the main chamber of the House of Lords is debating "the position of women in society in the United Kingdom and overseas and the advancements that can be made for the development of women's potential", committee business is going on in the Moses Room, the smaller debating chamber next door:
Baroness Wilcox [Minister]: My noble friend Lord Razzall has reminded us all about “heavy breathers”, from before this technology was developed. As a woman picking up the telephone, in the days before I went ex-directory, I have had a heavy breather on the other end of the phone.

Lord Razzall: (rakishly) I’m not surprised.

Baroness Wilcox: (blushing) Thank you.
Hmm. Given the subject matter being discussed over in the chamber, I'm sure that those proceedings will prove to be much more edifying.
Baroness Oppenheim-Barnes: There is very often the problem of sexual harassment in the workplace. Big companies and big names and big sums of money are brought in the way of damages. I can only say that throughout my career I never experienced such a thing. Probably, in retrospect, I am slightly offended.
Ah. If you have spent your life bobbing about on the smooth and untroubled surface of a particular class, you're going to remain blithely unaware of a few of life's realities, as gracefully demonstrated here.

I point out once again that the Lords is not composed exclusively of people like this. If there were none at all who could be relied on for quotes like these, though, they'd have to change the name of the entire institution; this stuff is exactly what you would expect something called the "House of Lords" to come out with.


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Jul. 22nd, 2010 10:58 am (UTC)
slightly related: if the upper house becomes in some way elected, would it still be called the House of Lords, given that i'm assuming 87249587634895623 pieces of legislation and other sundry items of our non-constitution depend on it being called that? cf: trying to get rid of "Lord Chancellor"

Elected Peerages sounds kind of fun, I think...
Jul. 22nd, 2010 01:22 pm (UTC)
They sort of make me think of characters from Dancers at The End of Time sometimes.
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