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Further to Lord Elton's Written Question last week on the question of mice in the Palace of Westminster, Baroness Finlay asked about the same topic during today's Lords Question Time. The ensuing debate was exactly as you would expect, only more so.

Lord Pilkington of Oxenford: Why should I and noble Lords trust the Executive to deal with mice when they cannot deal with the economy?

The Chairman of Committees (Lord Brabazon of Tara): My Lords, I do not actually deal with the economy. I am glad to say that that would be above my pay grade, whereas trying to deal with the mice is probably just about right for me.

Baroness Symons of Vernham Dean: My Lords, I was in total ignorance that there was anything of the nature of a mouse helpline until this Question Time. Can the Chairman of Committees tell us what helplines there are for Members of the House on other issues that we do not know about?

Lord Brabazon of Tara: I rather hope that we do not have too many other ones. I was not going to advertise the existence of the mouse helpline, although it was advertised some time ago. Indeed, I invited Members of the House to telephone when they saw mice. The trouble is that when the person at the other end of the helpline goes to check this out, very often the mouse has gone elsewhere.

... And so on.


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Mar. 3rd, 2010 11:47 pm (UTC)
Good old Lord Brabazon - he is definitely my favourite.
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