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May. 29th, 2009

A noteworthy peril of running a blog in a language other than your native one is that you might not speak enough of it to know when a review of a band whose album you’re encouraging people to buy is less than favourable:
About Arms And Sleepers (THE MOTORIST EP OUT NOW!):

“… But first, we had to sit through a nearly hour-long set by the execrable duo (plus occasional drummer) Arms and Sleepers. If they play your town, avoid them at all costs—unless you’re partial to soporific Stereolab wannabes (minus interesting melodies, rhythmic complexity, and artful arrangements). They’re the electronic instantiation of Spinal Tap’s Jazz Odyssey.

“I hated their use of fey, superfluous novelty instruments (little xylophone, little accordion, melodica with creepy length of tubing, thumb piano). I hated the keyboardist’s stupid muttonchops and beard and his “oh I am so into this that I just can’t control it” headbanging. I hated the bassist’s near-constant pelvic thrusting. I hated the screen-saver film loops and handheld footage of power lines and trees. I hated their constant twiddling and fiddling with laptops and gadgets. I hate how they only list their own records under “Influences” on their MySpace page and they peddle their merch under “Sounds Like.” And oh, how I hate the band bio d. dug up:

“‘Arms and Sleepers started one night in the back of an ambulance destined for Hampton Road in Boston’s South Side. In an alleyway a man was bleeding with a cassette player in hand, the play button still on. What sounded like recordings of a gospel choir blared from the tin speaker while down the street, a jazz band could be heard. The man was dying. He dropped the cassette player on the cement and closed his eyes, the sound carrying through the air into his ears for one last time. Though this moment in time died with him, his cassette lived on, and Arms and Sleepers was born.’

“They must be stopped.” (ROCK SOUND LIVE REVIEW)

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