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You Cannot Be Sirius

This is fantastic. It’s an analysis of the symbolism used during the US elections, in campaign logos and otherwise, purporting to show that “someone has been going through an awful lot of trouble to tie this election to the ancient mythological symbolism of Sirius”.

The Dog Star was very significant to ancient Egyptians. Freemasonry also venerates it, due to the organisation’s claimed heritage from ancient Egypt, and it turns up a fair bit in Masonic symbolism as the Blazing Star, sometimes depicted with a staircase ascending towards it.

The trouble is that Freemasons have always enjoyed encoding messages, often in plain view (see picture), which stokes the paranoia of those inclined to see their machinations everywhere. But it’s one thing for the designers of the Great Seal to have had their fun—quite another for someone to reach conclusions like this:
So after the Twin Towers (widely believed to have been symbolic stand-ins for Jachin and Boaz) came down, what was left standing was the World Financial Center, which no one ever noticed when the WTC still stood.

And encoded into the WFC is a Stairway to Sirius, the star system significant to Egyptian religion and the occult traditions and Masonic traditions and Ancient Astronaut Theory.

So, as the later Solomonic tradition vanishes from the skyline, it reveals the Stairway to Sirius, almost as if we are traveling back in time using architectural symbolism.
How is the WFC a Stairway to Sirius? Like this:

In descending order, that’s a pyramid, a rising sun and a five-pointed star. It may not look an awful lot like a five-pointed star, but note that from another angle it’s clear that the building has five sides, kind of:

Of course from that angle you can see that the other two buildings have that “five-sided” design as well, but, just,… look, it’s a Stairway to Sirius, all right?

He goes into hyperdrive when he starts talking about Sarah Palin. When she made the joke about lipstick on a pit bull she was “equating herself with a dog” which “reminds us that Sirius is the Dog Star”, while the sequence where a video screen behind her showed a rising sun meant that she was “presented as Isis, giving birth to the Sun” and it’s therefore “no accident then that she was the mother of an infant child … and the mother of a pregnant 17 year-old”. Even the number 17 there turns out to be incredibly significant.

Sticking closely to the conspiracy-nut formula, he’s contemptuous of those taking part in the election for being dupes who have no clue what’s actually going around them, referring to the process witheringly as the “Clown Show”. However, he ends rather plaintively:
Why go to all of this trouble, over a period of thousands of years, to try to get the attention of these unseen space gods? From Heliopolis to Hollywood and every stop in between, there is an elaborate, secret language at work that is consistent, coherent and predictive.


What is so compelling about all of this symbolism which always seems to point somewhere out in the cosmos, even in the ostensibly exoteric religions? What is the ultimate goal to this symbolic conversation, to which you and I seem to be passive observers?

This is not just a bunch of crusty old coots in aprons having a laugh, believe you me.

Stay tuned...
So he doesn’t know either. All he’s doing is finding everywhere the symbols he expects to find, where someone who had read different books would find completely different interpretations. (And, after all, we have already seen that the inspiration for the date of 9/11 came from a dream about a cake.)

He also practises the fevered numerology of the true loon:
Here’s a blurb from a page on the Louvre's Pharaoh exhibition:
Sachez que tout don en faveur du musée du Louvre est déductible à hauteur de 66% de l’impôt sur le revenu : à titre d’exemple, un don de 50€ vous permet de bénéficier de 33€ de réduction d’impôt. – Louvre
My French is a little rusty, but my numerology is pretty sharp. 6+6+5+0=17, which goes nicely with the 33, no?
This is monomania at its finest and I highly recommend it to the connoisseur. He can apply this kind of tunnel-vision semiotics to pretty much anything he lays eyes on, such as this Golden Globes poster:

“Fascinating art in light of recent events—an uber-phallic illuminated obelisk flanked by a gauntlet of Phoenix palm trees.”
I might send him the Sun-Ice Man’s flyer and see what he makes of it.


Jan. 15th, 2009 01:16 pm (UTC)
It must be nice to be able to see mystic significance in all triangles and circles. I tend to interpret two circles above a triangle as having mystic significance, but that's because I love boobs and muff.

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