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Have Your Say – Extreme Edition

Last February the blog Here Comes The Science posted an article on the design genius of the Obama campaign logo (right).

Nine months later it published a recap of the many ignorant and racist comments that article had received. They’re instructive, as they reveal much of what had been stirred up by fringe commentators and desperate Republican “strategists” alike, and they’re darkly amusing so long as you don’t just find them depressing.

A highlight, though, even among all the nonsense (such as “I love the logo; its genius is the way they hide the swastika, yet keep in line with Obama’s political mentor, Adolf Hitler”), is this contribution:
Why not be truthfull and incorporate the marxist, hammer & sickle, or the muslim, cresent & star? Silly question. Truthfullnes from babykillers. From the “party of death” who see nothing wrong with sticking a spike in a baby’s skull and sucking it’s brains out.
Really? strictlytrue, you tend to follow these things—has this ever been a central plank of Democratic party policy? Was it snuck through as an amendment to a shipping bill or something?


Jan. 14th, 2009 04:59 pm (UTC)

It may just be me, but in the field of American politics - indeed, any politics - I can't see anything about Obama that marks him out as particularly arrogant.

Or maybe by "arrogant" that poster simply meant "uppity negro who won't sit at the back of the bus". Which is the same thing. Obviously.
Jan. 14th, 2009 05:18 pm (UTC)
"Particularly" is the key word - anyone running for president has to have the arrogance to believe they can run the country, without knowing that for sure.

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