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In a dream the other night I was terribly proud of having managed to track down on eBay an original Star Wars promotional artefact: an average-size black pram that had very little room for a baby as most of it was taken up with a plastic model of the Mos Eisley cantina. For some reason the model would apparently catch fire and you could then put it out with its own plastic sprinkler system, which instantly soaked the pram and anyone occupying it, although the presence of any baby seems increasingly ill-advised the more you learn about this thing.

It also came with a promo brochure for “Star Wars II” and, in what I think you'll agree is a bit of a coup, a video of the original “Star Wars” which turns out to have been a film that George shot with the same title but that lacked the ambition of his later rework. It was shot, rather beautifully, in the streets of a recognisably 1970s city on Earth that was trying to be vaguely futuristic, although even with a limited effects budget they could probably have done a little better than, for example, bombs being represented by 1920s cigar-shaped racing cars with the word “BOMB” painted on the side.

Regrettably, though, it turns out I'm just as much of an absent-minded fool in my dreams as I can be in real life. Having picked up this prize find from the guy I bought it from and shown it to psychonomy, who was duly impressed, I promptly left it behind at a cinema.



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Dec. 22nd, 2008 11:13 am (UTC)
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