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Today the Lords get to vote on the recent decision by MPs not to allow phonetap evidence in inquests in exceptional circumstances. Originally the Lords voted to include the words “and inquests” in the long title of the Bill, thus:
To confer further powers to gather and share information for counterterrorism and other purposes; to make further provision about the detention and questioning of terrorist suspects and the prosecution and punishment of terrorist offences; to impose notification requirements on persons convicted of such offences; to amend the law relating to asset freezing proceedings under United Nations terrorism orders; to amend the law relating to inquiries [and inquests]; to amend the definition of “terrorism”; to amend the enactments relating to terrorist offences, control orders and the forfeiture of terrorist cash; to provide for recovering the costs of policing at certain gas facilities; to amend provisions about the appointment of special advocates in Northern Ireland; and for connected purposes.
The Commons disagreed with this, on the grounds that sensitive material should not be disclosed to the public, and have not allowed inquests to be included. Now Baroness Miller of Chilthorne Domer (LibDem) has come up with a cunning ruse:

The original amendment, after the word “inquiries”, inserted the words “and inquests”.

Baroness Miller’s new amendment, before the word “inquiries”, inserts the words “inquests and”.

Do you think MPs will notice?

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