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Class action

The usual post, then: a couple of bills, a doctor’s appointment and an unsolicited claim form from California to take part in a class action suit against British Airways. Wait, what?

I am indeed eligible to claim my fuel surcharge, worth—like everyone else’s—between £2 and £10. If I lived in the States and did not bother to collect, the money would go to this admittedly carbon-unfriendly children’s charity, but, as it says up there, in Britain BA and Virgin get to keep any unclaimed money. This displeases me. I am therefore honour bound to do my bit and chip in with the class action. It means I have to go and dig out records of a flight I booked three years ago, but even I should be able to manage that in time: the letter informs me the deadline for getting in touch is December 2012. To arms!


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Sep. 2nd, 2008 01:24 pm (UTC)
Actually, as a UK resident you are already entitled to your refund, and there are websites showing precisely which flights this applies to (if anyone remembers when they flew that far back). No need for a class action. The ombudsmen have already done the work for us.

*stretches back in a hammock, in the smug manner of a person for whom a "bill of rights" is completely unnecessary*
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