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“The requisite amount of chanting”

Thank you to liquidindian for this post, without which I might never have come across the Spiritual Science Research Foundation—which offers, for example, the chance to “Learn how spiritual healing chants can overcome mental illness caused by ghosts”. Here’s this week’s featured case study:

I have been doing spiritual practice under the guidance of SSRF since 1998. In 2001 I began to get mouth ulcers very frequently. They would surface every fortnight or so in different places in my mouth cavity. I consulted various doctors. The treatment regime provided by them was B-complex supplements and Dologel (a local anaesthetic solution to be applied on the ulcer). I also consulted a Homeopath but to no avail. I continued to be plagued by ulcers in my mouth for a period of five years.

One day I happened to mention my problem to a subtle department seeker of SSRF. She told me that it was due to ancestor problems. At the time I was chanting 3 maalaas (i.e. 3 x 108 times) of Lord Datta’s Name. She told me to increase it to 9 maalaas a day. I could almost immediately perceive the benefit of the increased chanting. The intensity of the ulcers and the frequency with which they occurred also reduced. After about two months they did not occur again.

Now looking back, one thing that should have given me a hint that the problem was spiritual was the fact that the ulcers would mostly appear around the full moon day or new moon day.

Comment from the Editor:

Even though Mr. Marathe was chanting 3 maalaas day of Lord Datta since he started spiritual practice with SSRF, it was inadequate to combat the problem of ulcers. Only when the requisite amount of chanting was done did it go away completely.
Of course, that isn’t the first person on this journal to suggest that immediate problems might be caused by long-dead ancestors. “Archbishop” Gilbert Deya, featured here recently, turns out to be currently facing extradition to Kenya to answer multiple charges of baby-trafficking. after it turned out the explanation for the “miraculous” pregnancies he claimed to have induced simply by flying women who could not conceive from the UK to Kenya and praying—sometimes resulting in a baby appearing after mere weeks of pregnancy—was somewhat more prosaic.


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With lasers.
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