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The House of Lords at work

As strictlytrue is often at pains to point out, it's all very well anti-war protestors gathering outside the Palace of Westminster to shout "Tony Blair! Terrorist!", but the fact remains that the vast bulk of what goes on in Parliament consists of stuff like this:


[From the Explanatory Memorandum for the Rail Vehicle Accessibility (Gatwick Express Class 460 Vehicles) Exemption (Amendment) Order 2004]

"... the vehicles still do not comply with two of the requirements of the Regulations, and their exemptions from these requirements are shortly due to expire. The first requirement is that the height of the letters on internal visual display systems must be at least 35mm. The height of the letters on the system in question is only 32mm...

"Even though the technology for Gatwick Express to comply is now available, to replace the systems would not be cost effective. Gatwick Express say, in mitigation, that the use of such a display is not as crucial on their route as others as there is a very short journey time on a route that never varies and which has no intermediate stops. Most disabled passengers therefore experience no difficulty in knowing that they have reached their destination, which is one of the main policy aims behind this particular requirement."


They had a fascinating debate about this 3mm discrepancy earlier. Where's Otis Ferry when you need him?

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