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“I am a total genius”

Schizotypal afflictions are awful for the people who have to live through them, but from the outside they’re fascinating. The mechanics of paranoia intrigue me, for example—if they're always the same (and they seem to be), does that mean that aspect of the condition could be cured with a simple hit of the right chemical in the right synapse? This man is British but of Indian/Asian descent, which hasn’t made any appreciable difference to the way his persecution mania manifests itself. But if his great-great-grandfather had gone through the same process in India, who would have been “making attempts on his life” then? Indian Intelligence? The Persians? The British?

They can also, of course, be quite entertaining, as long as you’re prepared to take on a “love the sinner, hate the sin” mentality, separate out the poor bastard from the horrible nonsense their brain is making them live through, and marvel at what our minds can do to us.

His fourth allegation here is my favourite (MI5 do this all the time, you know):
I am a total genius - the type that you only find in fiction - and just like in fiction, the State wants me dead. I want 50M compensation for:

1. Over a dozen serious attempts on my life, and dozens more hopeful attempts (e.g. a varied fleet of dangerous heavy vehicles swarming round me every time I get into my car, awaiting ahead of me to suddenly pull out, swerve, fatally collide etc);

2. A year of crazy surveillance, which when coupled with assassination attempts, was meant to intimidate and mentally torture;

3. Twenty years ago, during the seventies and eighties, examiners being verbally instructed to downmark all Asian candidates; and

4. The secret service blackballing my career in painting when I left college because I was “a security threat”—wasn’t white and could draw and paint better than everyone else.


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Jun. 13th, 2005 09:31 am (UTC)
I have thrown MI5 off my tail by being totally toss at art.
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