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News in Briefs

Zoo poisons lion cubs to cut costs

Ethiopia’s black lions are being culled and sold on to taxidermists by an Ethiopian zoo, despite the continuing threat to the long-term survival of the species. A lack of finances and zoo space has resulted in the cull of the Abyssinian lion population, according to the administrator of Addis Ababa’s zoo.

Muhedin Abdulaziz, the zoo’s administrator, said his US$64,000 budget was simply not enough to provide for more than 16 adult lions, which cannot be reintroduced to the wild. “There is a shortage of place and a shortage of budget and when they are over-populated, most of the time we send them to taxidermists,” he said. “It is not really good, but we do this is because of the problems we have. For the time being our immediate solution is to send them to the taxidermists, but the final and best solution is to extend the zoo into a wider area.”
No, it’s not “really good”, is it? I might even venture to say that culling the cubs of an endangered species when your only job is to protect them was “bad”.

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