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Lord Selsdon's personal statement 
22nd-Jul-2013 05:37 pm
all hail
Made at the start of proceedings, before Questions.
Lord Selsdon: My Lords, with the leave of the House, I would like to make a personal statement. In my speech at the Second Reading of the Littering from Vehicles Bill on Friday, I unintentionally suggested that I might have been provided with the personal data of motorists by the DVLA. I should like to confirm that I have not at any time asked for, or been given, from the DVLA any information which is not in the public domain. In particular, I have not been given the names of keepers of vehicles. I much regret that my speech, made without text or notes, should have given rise to press speculation to the contrary, and I apologise to the House.
23rd-Jul-2013 10:52 am (UTC)
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